Aidan Cares: 11 Year Old Humanitarian, Aidan Hornaday

-Interview by Reggie Bryant-

At a time were society plays a huge part in raising our youth, it’s hard to imagine the quantity of negative messages they see and hear on a daily basis through our media.

However in spite of all that, there are youth who know the value of giving. Who know what is morally right and chose what seems to be the path less traveled these days. There are youth who care and want to create a movement of “positive change”. We present to you Aidan Hornaday of the Aidan Cares Foundation and his amazing story of giving back.

Aidan Thomas Hornaday, age 11, has been a harmonica jamming boy since he was little. One night he ended up with $80 in tips in his fedora while playing his vintage harp in C&S Seafood & Oyster Bar in Atlanta where he was playing because he was bored at a grownup dinner. That very night, he decided to give that to charity to fight parasites for children in Africa. He read an article about the plight and it was in his heart to help buy pills to help stop the suffering. That was the start of AidanCares. Since then, things have really taken off.

Aidan plans to be a lifelong giver and believes all children should have the opportunity to give too. His mission is to encourage parents and adults to model giving to the children in their lives. We are raising the most selfish generation in history and it can be so much better. Parents are into giving their kids amazing experiences but forget to include helping people, the earth or animals, whatever touches their heart as part of their job. Chances are, when they will grow up they will never make a difference. They won’t know how. We want to change that by helping them find their passion and serve from their gifts.

AidanCares is in the process of producing a series of videos for “Giving 101” which will educate families on how to meet needs locally, nationally and globally in hopes it will make it easier for us all to jump into giving and make it a way of life for the little ones you love. Help your child find their heart for giving and they too will see that no matter how small, they make a difference.- courtesy of

Recently, IMPACT! had the opportunity to ask Aidan a few questions, to gain little more insight on this  amazing youth. Here is what he had to say.

IMPACT: What are some of your other hobbies besides playing the harmonica?
AIDAN: Piano, rock climbing, tennis, basketball, mandolin, traveling, meeting new people, I am a foodie too, I love reading the Bible and I love music of many many genres.

IMPACT: What is the primary cause you are raising money for currently?
AIDAN: I select different charities because there are so many needs in the world. We have met needs for Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Children’s Health Care of Atlanta, Red Cross, World Vision, and more. Now I am helping a family of a young boy, Brayden age 6 with brain and spine cancer. It’s called Anaplastic Medullo Blastoma. They are very poor and I am working on a fundraiser for him to be held in March. It is to help with basic needs and will help cover costs for a trip for treatment in Texas. He is a very special boy, I found out about him on Facebook. He loves music and we have brought his story to thousands of people now. We hope to keep it going.
IMPACT: How often do you go and play your harmonica to raise money?
AIDAN: I play several times a month. This month I will play in Savannah, Charleston and Atlanta. In the months to come so far I am speaking and playing in California, New York and Oregon along with many engagements near my homes in Atlanta and Savannah.

I am speaking on behalf of Hands On Savannah this year, it’s a collaboration of 300 charities serving the earth, people and animals. I am very excited about this partnership.

IMPACT: Aidan, you seem very intelligent. How well do you do in school?
AIDAN: I am home schooled. In some subjects such as math, history & geography I do very well. Spelling is a challenge for me. I enjoy films, art and photography in my free time. Also, I love architecture.
IMPACT: What are some upcoming fundraisers that you will be involved in?
AIDAN: I speak at corporate events all over the US. I was in California for 16 days last summer speaking and appearing. We (my mom and I) went all the way from LaJolla to San Francisco. It was wonderful. Life changing to be hired to come speak and then serve others. Speaking and serving are my passions along with travel and music.

I appeared and served at a shelter for homeless elderly in San Francisco called Episcopal Community Services. Some children that were recently homeless worked with me. That was very memorable. I also spoke at an African American church in Oakland and in LA.

I met with Heifer International to make plans for this year. I did a gig with Doc Henley of Wine to Water. One of my favorite speaking engagements was the keynote philanthropic speaker for Hard Rock International company meeting.

A fundraiser is coming up in July in Portland, Oregon for diabetic children to get specially trained dogs. I am creating a benefit for a cancer patient here in Atlanta. Also, I work with Captain Planet Foundation’s Earth Day Kid’s Fest.

IMPACT: What would you like to tell other kids to inspire them to give?
AIDAN: I would like to tell other children that anyone can give. I started in a hall outside restrooms at a restaurant just by playing my harmonica with no experience whatsoever. I got $80 in tips that night and immediately remembered reading about African orphans in a news letter and that 4 pills could be purchased for $1 to help children already starving fight off intestinal parasites. Within a week of my decision to give away that unexpected fortune of $80 that life changing night, I was booked to speak and play in front of over 1,000 people. I believe something happened by my choice to give. Find your passion and combine that with helping meet needs. Figure out who you are and use that to make a difference in your own way. My friend Hellena, age 8 loves to bake more than anything. She baked brownies and sold them for $67 total and donated it to help Brayden. She is going to bake more very soon. If we all did a little, it would be wonderful. Don’t think of yourself as an individual, think of yourself as a team. Find others to help. And as a team give back. If we all raised a little, by doing what is your heart to do, things could be so different. It’s easier to put a bigger dent in needs with others along to help. Ask your parents and adults to help you making giving a regular part of your schedule so you can get in the habit while you are young.

IMPACT: What is your goal for this year? And for years to come?
AIDAN: My goal for this year is to become more and more of a philanthropist. And to give more and to travel to share my message through speaking and my music. I say for the years to come I say want to do “this plus” – this and MORE. And to improve each day, each year.

I want to travel more than anything and my dream is to accomplish that by continuing to speak to encourage my generation to give. It’s the most selfish generation in history, my dream is to change that. To change hearts for a better future for everyone.I love meeting with all age groups. I love little ones and I enjoy going to nursing homes. Just anything I can do to impact others is my goal.

If you would like to know more about Aidan and how you can help, please go to

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